When babies are slaughtered and animals protected has the church lost her influence? If it has, should that come as a surprise? What is the role of the Christian in this modern post-Biblical world? Ellen and I attend a Bible believing church. We found it after visiting many. This one preaches a biblical based message in our area; and yet sad to say there is no message regarding our countries demise into the quicksand of immorality which has been occurring on a regular basis in our time. Why is this?

If Bible believing/Teaching pastors are becoming restrained in their use of God’s stand on morality in the Americas, the land of the free; then we cannot be far away from losing this freedom to stand for what is right in God’s creation. And it now appears after having delayed the uniting of our objections so long, that if we do speak out we will be guilty of hate crimes. Is it too late to unite in our objection to our countries objections to the Bible?

God’s hatred of sin was once a restraining force in our country. Today we hear little about this. The World now views the Bibles brand of morality as “has been” material. The Bible is now known in the world as a book of hate, and thus the Bible itself is maligned. It is now hateful to tell someone even out of love for them that without yielding your life to Jesus you will pay for your own sin in a place of destruction.

We still possess freedom of speech, but Biblical religious speech is seriously being brought into question. Have we failed to use this right in the public arenas and within government institutions? Has that failure been equivalent to giving it up as our right? The unspoken word of God to the world is no restraint on a people without God.

◦ There certainly seems to be no more a fear of God on the Democratic side of the congressional isle, and for decades there has appeared no backbone on the Republican side of the isle to stand for a biblical morality.

◦ Lacking the fear of God there is no wisdom from our leaders.

◦ Could this be a direct reflection of what is happening in the churches across America?

◦ The News Media has long ago lost its fear of God, in its efforts to bring about a democratic socialist form of government. One without God’s influence. Yet we kept watching. Is this occurrence, also a reflection on the ability of our current message to restrain evil?

◦ The public school system seems to have lead in the effort to ban The True God in exchange for either no god, or a god of man’s own making. One who is an amoral rudderless god blessing amoral men and women by placing them at the helm of influence. Where was the restraint of Believing Spirit Filled parents when this was happening. It seemed easier to ignore it and pull your kids from its influence. Believing teachers found it easier to be restrained in what they teach than to speak up and fight for their right to be a restraining force for God. It became easier to be restrained, or to leave and teach in a Christian school.

◦ So institutionally can anyone be blamed more than we the church for our existing condition?

There was a time that Jerry Falwell lead a movement called the moral majority. The movement was predicated on the fact that the country’s majority was still moral but silent. If that were the case 40 years ago; then the silence is so much more deafening today. And the ease with which man violates God’s moral laws is unequaled in modern times.

The church in America is certainly not hot in intensity with its message to the world. A heated message would hold a government claiming to be under God accountable for the indecent exposure of its own agenda over these last several decades. Neither are we cold in our messaging, for we give lip service to Biblical marriage as an institution and we see abortion as murder. But we compromise our message on sin to our own congregations allowing for the church population’s own statistics concerning sinful acting out to resemble the stats of the population in general. A compromise at best. The act of a lukewarm teaching at worst. So are we lukewarm in our messaging lest we lose members to other more loving and perhaps colder than lukewarm churches?

If we really loved the world as God does would we not lay the truth out to at least our own as God has done in His own teaching concerning His truth. Certainly love should be our means of delivery, but there must be delivery. I mean can’t we associate God with Hell in such a way that man will not want to visit?

Some in the church teach that when the church is taken in the Rapture that then the world will have no restraint, and then an antichrist world will become reality. There is no consideration given to the effect that a church without a morality message is having on the lifting of God’s restraint from mankind.

The gospel message is truth, but requires Scriptures definition concerning the words used to express it. God’s Love must be defined from Scripture. Believing also has Scriptural definition. Jesus, is defined in Scripture. You get the point. If any of the terms expressing the gospel are watered down, they lose their power. If the Holy Spirit is not present in the preaching and receiving of this gift from God there is no power.

Is there any concern that the world may not be the only ones to have lost their way?

What will it take to bring revival to today’s church, for revival must come to the people of God before the message of the church can reach outward in power with conviction of sin.

May God forgive us.