But what is the real problem. I’m sure that you have seen even on Fox News and other networks while even Tucker speaks of needing a wall. Right next to him on the split screen we see this:

So will the wall help maybe, but it’s still not the only answer. So what is? First the wall will keep most moms and children from crossing. Those who do are easily caught. In the Arab countries when the Palestinians started to immigrate into Jordan, Iraq, and Iran, and etc. most started out in refugee camps. Many are still in them and newly established ones. Most countries did not integrate them even to this day. They were not allowed into those countries unless they were otherwise invited. Most countries only allow invited legal entrance into their territory.

But we who pride ourselves in being a nation of laws are not allowed to have any laws against crossing our border illegally; even though we do have those laws, and even though they were passed by the same governing bodies who now oppose these laws and claim them to be immoral.

So what is the real problem here on this continent? We as a society have ceased to believe in our own freedoms and protections, so (I’m afraid we don’t constitute a nation anymore; we don’t honor the constitution), but instead the majority of us embrace lawlessness as the new morality in a borderless world.

If this were not the case we would insist that our laws be upheld and that a punishment severe enough to discourage illegal border crossings be enacted.

So, what is severe enough punishment? You come in and if caught work at hard labor for $1 plus food and a jail cell for each day that you are here until you earn enough to pay for your (transportation*) back to where you came from. You eat, healthy caned non-seasoned vegetables all day, and the same diet each and every day. In other words you make this the most unpleasant experience that these lawbreakers ever had, and see from there just how many want to return illegally. We should make welcome only legal immigrants.


*the total cost of every mode from the border up until they board the plane for home, including the salary involved for the time of transport.