The super-rich are having their brains frozen for £80,000 ($100,000) in the hope of being re-born in as little as 200 years time.

Cryogenics, which involves deep freezing the body to -196°C (-321°F), is increasingly being seen as a way to beat death.

The New age way to eternal life is not really that new. In the garden of Eden God had planted the tree of life. Obviously Adam and Eve had not eaten of that tree, because had they done so they would still be around. God had set Cherubim to guard the entrance to the garden once they were cast out following their sin. The reason given was “lest they eat of the tree of life and live forever”.

God, will not allow eternal life apart from Him. Men today scoff at the idea of Adam and Eve, and of God; but someone interfered then and He actually did it again at the Tower of Babel. Then He had said concerning man that if left alone there would be nothing that he would not be able to do. So once again God intervened. He disbursed the people by confusing their languages.

Today man once again is attempting to take a bite from the tree of life, and once again he scoffs at God who created him. Man is again in a position of being able to do whatever he desires. He has his Language interpreters, who are allowing him to once again communicate without barriers. God will once again intervene, but this time it will be a time of trouble such as the world has not yet known. And the life eternal that man seeks apart from God will be in torment.

Jesus Christ paid for our eternal life. It is free to all who will but believe. No $100,000 to freeze your brain or your body only to have it thawed in the lake of fire.

Scoff if you will but these things are coming my friend.

Be careful what you wish for. The day of the Lord is coming. Life eternal is worthless without Him.