I think that it’s time to give progressives there way. God may be in agreement, because the things that are happening are biblical. JESUS WILL NOT RETURN UNTIL THEY HAVE THEIR WAY. Paul tells us that when men are openly sinning, as these ones do, that we should give them over to Satan that their souls may be saved (1 Cor 5:5). I might suggest that there is no guarantee that a man’s soul or spirit will be saved when turned over to Satan, but it is possible according to 1Cor.5.

The United States is the perceived leader of the world. We are established as a nation of laws that progressives in fact neither like nor do they abide — even the ones that they do like they do not abide. So they are in the process of changing those that they don’t like particularly at the local levels. At the top they don’t like a decentralized police force, so why have them decentralized. They don’t like guns for the public so let’s outlaw them. Oh, that’s right I almost forgot. Even if they outlaw them it wouldn’t matter, because they themselves don’t abide the law. Fact is they don’t want to take away all Law nor do they want to take away police, or guns. They just want total centralized control of these. There is no law formed by man that they cannot ignore, and if arrested (a big IF) they find a progressive attorney who will do anything unscrupulous in order to get them off. But then it’s not unscrupulous is it because to them there are no laws for them, except what they choose to obey.

When people are governed by unscrupulous people what you have is government by Satanic forces. Satan is the lawless one. He is out to gain control and to destroy anything that opposes him. His followers are likeminded and are also lawless. They oppose what is laid down in Scripture as the laws that man should live by.

Our Government was established on God’s laws, because even the Deist’s among the founders believed in the Creator God and morality. A world controlled by Satan will be lawless in God’s sight and immoral, but not without man’s laws. Remember that.

Man is given free will but not freedom. He is free to choose His god. His god may even be himself. But choosing himself as god is only a back door to satanic influence. His is a pseudo freedom. He believes himself to be free, but he is in bondage to lawlessness. The Bible calls this sin. Scripture tells that there will be days coming when the lawless one is in control for a short season. The signs are present in our world that these days may be close at hand. Centralized control is the means by which a Satanic theocracy will rule the world and the nations of the world.

The United States is the perceived leader of the world that is in the process of following the United Nations into one world governmental control. Only God’s restraint stands between the complete emergence of that system. It appears that He has used Trump to temporarily restrain its advance. But if the masses desire lawlessness over restraint God has stated in His word that they will be given over to this reprobate lawless condition (2 Thessalonians 2).

Even so come Lord Jesus.